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There are many reasons that people opt for Invisalign rather than traditional braces. Chief among them is the ability to eat anything you like while undergoing orthodontic treatment.  Because Invisalign uses removable trays made of smooth plastic, you’re afforded the opportunity to remove them to indulge in your favorite foods without worrying about damaging a wire or a bracket.

Invisalign and Snacking: What to Know

Before you begin your Invisalign treatment, you should know that snacking will become a challenge once you start treatment. Since you’ll need to remove your trays every time you eat, and then brush your teeth and trays before you put them back in, frequent snacking can add up to a lot of time spent brushing.  Because the frequent snacking and brushing routine can become a nuisance, some patients are pleasantly surprised to find they lose a bit of weight during Invisalign treatment. 


Likewise, if you’re a habitual gum chewer, you’ll want to get used to life without gum. Although you may be inclined to think that smooth plastic surfaces can withstand gum, they cannot. The plastic trays are not designed for any type of food, gum, or beverage consumption.  If you need to chew gum, just make sure you do it for limited periods of time, as you need to wear your Invisalign trays a full 20-22 hours per day to stay on track with your treatment.


If you tend to drink a lot of coffee or soda during the day, it’s a good idea to begin limiting this consumption before your treatment. The only beverage you should ever drink while wearing your trays is water. 

Caring for Your Teeth While Undergoing Invisalign Treatment

Regular braces can’t compete with Invisalign when it comes to good oral health. Because traditional braces are bonded to the teeth, you’re unable to brush the surface of the tooth under each bracket. Occasionally, patients who wear braces for treatment will find that the portion of the teeth that are exposed become stained, while the portion that had a bracket is a lighter shade.  This does not happen with Invisalign because you can brush the entire surface of the teeth during your treatment. 


You can also floss without the need for a floss threader, or any special brush to reach between the teeth. This means of course, that there is no excuse for letting your oral hygiene habits slip when wearing Invisalign. If anything, your Invisalign trays should serve as a reminder to practice excellent brushing and flossing habits, so that when you’re done with your Invisalign treatment, your teeth are white, healthy, and free of decay.  


Finally, treatment with Invisalign does not grant you a pass to skip your regularly scared dental exams and teeth cleanings. You should proceed with your biannual oral examinations and teeth cleaning throughout your treatment to ensure optimal oral health.

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