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Dental Implants: Myths vs. Facts

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Dental implants are more popular than ever, but with their rise in popularity comes some unfortunate myths that have patients second guessing the procedure. The bottom line is this: dental implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth in most circumstances because they are the only solution that replaces the root of the tooth, not just the crown. By replacing the root, dental implants can prevent and even reverse bone loss. You can feel good about your decision to get dental implants and have confidence in their safety. 

If you’ve been reading some of the dental implant myths that have been floating around social media and the internet, here are the facts.

Myth: Dental Implants Are Unproven and Unsafe

Fact: Dental Implants Have Been Used Safely for Decades

It may seem like you only started hearing about dental implants in the past decade or so, but they’re not a new treatment option—the very first titanium dental implant was placed in 1965 and they’ve been in use ever since. They have a proven track record of safety and if there were long-term health consequences of having dental implants, we would know it by now.

There are stories online about dental implant failure; while these stories are dramatic, the reason they get attention is because they’re the exception to the rule. Other patients worry that dental implants can cause migraines or chronic pain, but neither of these outcomes are supported by scientific research. 

Typically, when we see complications it’s because a patient traveled overseas for their implants or used an unqualified provider. They may have gotten implants despite having insufficient jaw bone density or other underlying conditions that should have ruled out the surgery. In some instances, patients fail to follow their aftercare instructions, which can cause implant failure and other complications.

Getting dental implants is a surgical procedure with the same risks as any other oral surgery you might have. These risks include infection, nerve damage, and injury to the surrounding structures.

Myth: Getting Dental Implants Is Painful

Fact: Dental Implants Are No More Painful Than Other Oral Surgeries

During the dental implant placement, you will either receive general anesthesia or a local anesthesia injection, which will keep you from feeling any of the work we do. After the procedure, you are likely to experience tenderness, discomfort, and swelling. This pain is minor enough that usually over-the-counter pain medications like Tylenol are sufficient to ease any post-surgical soreness.

Myth: Dental Implants Look Fake

Fact: Dental Implants Are the Most Natural Replacement for Missing Teeth

When you get your dental implants from a skilled professional who uses quality materials, you won’t have to worry about them looking fake or unnatural. The results look, feel, and function just like your real teeth. In fact, since dental implants replace the root of your missing tooth, they’re the most natural solution; no other option out there accomplishes this.

Myth: Dental Implants Cost Too Much

Fact: Dental Implants Are a Costly Procedure

There’s no way around it: dental implants are expensive. This is because they’re a lifetime solution for missing teeth and the procedure is extensive. The cost of dental implants includes multiple office visits, biocompatible titanium implants, digital imaging, one or more surgical procedures, anesthesia and/or sedation, custom-made crowns, and even sometimes bone grafting. While the procedure is costly, the benefits are worth it. The good news is that more and more dental insurance plans are covering at least part of the cost of implants.

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