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How Much Does A Teeth Cleaning Cost in Monmouth County, NJ?

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Aside from brushing and flossing, regular dental cleanings are one of the most important steps to ensuring your long-term oral health. While home oral hygiene habits go a long way towards preventing gum disease and tooth decay, professional teeth cleaning appointments also play a big role in keeping your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. Wondering what a teeth cleaning costs in Monmouth County and how it benefits your oral health? Here’s what you need to know.

What Does a Teeth Cleaning Cost in Monmouth County?

The average cost of teeth cleaning in Monmouth County is $ 75 to $ 200 depending on services required. As we accept most Dental PPO plans, please check with our office if you plan to use dental insurance as costs vary with different providers.

4 Reasons to Schedule a Dental Cleaning Today

You know what happens during a dental cleaning, but do you know why it’s so important for the health of your teeth and gums? Here’s how dental cleanings protect your oral health:

It’s the Best Way to Remove Tartar

Brushing and flossing your teeth removes the majority of plaque that has accumulated throughout the day, assuming you brush for a full two minutes twice a day. That said, even if you brush your teeth well, plaque can build up along the gumline and in hard-to-reach places. When plaque isn't brushed away, it hardens into a sticky substance called tartar.

Tartar cannot be removed by brushing or flossing; instead, professional dental instruments are required. This is why maintaining good oral hygiene at home and getting regular dental cleanings go hand-in-hand. Because tartar harbors harmful bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease, removing it reduces your risk of these oral diseases. Regular dental cleanings are essential if you want to maintain a healthy, attractive smile for decades to come.

You’ll Prevent New Tartar From Forming

You know that fresh-from-the-dentist feeling? The feeling of smooth, clean teeth after a visit to the dentist isn’t all in your head! Your hygienist will polish your teeth once the plaque and tartar have been removed, making them feel smooth and glossy. This isn’t just about looking good or feeling nice; polishing your teeth like this has a practical purpose as well.

When your tooth's surface is smooth, it's more difficult for new plaque and tartar deposits to "stick." Polishing your teeth increases their natural resistance to tartar buildup, providing you with an additional layer of defense against tooth decay and gum disease.

It Brightens Your Smile

During your dental cleaning, the hygienist may be able to remove light stains from your teeth to improve their appearance. You'll leave our office with teeth that not only feel better, but look a little bit brighter too! If you have more severe discoloration, a dental cleaning is a good first step before whitening your teeth since it removes the plaque and tartar that coats the surfaces of the teeth, allowing whitening agents to penetrate better.

You’ll Improve Your Overall Health

The link between dental health and overall well-being is becoming increasingly clear. Gum disease creates inflammation, and it's thought that this inflammation spreads beyond the mouth and into the rest of the body, potentially causing cardiovascular issues. Poor oral health has also been linked to diabetes and preterm birth, and bacteria that is present in the mouth can spread infection throughout the body.

Schedule a Teeth Cleaning

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